Mine Equipment Resources Services

Reconditioning & Refurbishing

At Mine Equipment Resources our team will recondition and refurbish your existing equipment to increase its safety, performance, productivity, and lifespan. As an alternative to buying new, reconditioned and refurbished equipment is a lower cost option that will have your equipment back in production.

Alimak & Equipment Rentals

As industry experts in Alimak raise mining our highly-trained labour force has developed custom Alimak equipment. Our comprehensive list of equipment can be rented or purchased for all your mining needs. Our team goes beyond the equipment rental to ensure the success of your project with a full-service offering.  

Design, Build & Engineering

At Mining Equipment Resources we understand that standard equipment may not work for your project requirements. Our engineers, designers, and fabricators will work with you to understand your needs and build a solution that meets your requirements.

Alimak Rebuilds

At Mining Equipment Rentals we specialize in Alimak mining and equipment. Our years of experience working in mines and equipment fabrication has leveraged our team to successfully refurbish Alimak raise equipment. We will rebuild and improve your Alimak raise climber to work safely and effectively saving time and money.

Technical Support & Training

Equipment and industry technology is changing at a rapid pace and it is vital to fully understand the capabilities of all your equipment. We provide hands-on training and support to your equipment operators to extend the lifespan of the equipment and ensure that it is used safely and productively.

Equipment Modifications

Mine equipment is built as a standard solution that will work in mines across the world. By understanding your mine and processes our team can effectively engineer and modify existing equipment to work for your unique circumstances. Equipment modification increases productivity with added safety features.