Moran Fabricating Ltd. Services

Alimak Fabrication

As part of the Moran Group, our highly-skilled CWB fabrication team are experts in manufacturing Alimak equipment. Our experience working underground and deploying Alimak equipment across North America has provided us with the unique knowledge and ability to increase safety while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Mild Steel Construction

Our team of CWB certified welders can custom build mild steel structures and platforms, suited to your needs. Mild steel is highly malleable and ductile making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Custom Fabrication

When standard products are not an option, our team of designers, engineers, and fabricators will work with you to understand your requirements, design, and build a safe and innovative “out of the box” solution that will meet and exceed your demands. 

Hard Steel Construction

Experts in hard steel construction, we provide onsite service across North America in specialized environments. Our fabrication team will design, engineer, and build structures that are specific to your unique requirements. 

Structural Steel

Moran Fabrication’s technical team designs, details, and fabricates structural steel that is specific to your requirements. Once complete, we will follow up with on-site installation.