Moran Mining USA Inc. Services

Our People

With 38 years of innovation and safe work practice globally and 20 years in the USA, Moran Mining takes pride in its people and developing the most skilled workforce from the face to the office.   Our commitment to developing best-in-class mining contract teams shows in our low turnover and record for on-time, on-budget work. We have also developed a management team with the real world experience necessary to innovate safer and more efficient processes.

Alimak and Conventional Raising

With 38 years of innovation and safe work practice in North America and 20 in the USA, Moran Mining has become the North American premiere contract provider in end to end solutions for Alimak and conventional raise mining. Moran Mining USA crews are experts at developing escapeways, ventilation raises, ore/waste passes, and slot raises in their underground mines. Our highly skilled workforce at Moran Mining is continuously improving our equipment to increase safety and productivity. 

Lateral Development

As part of our comprehensive mining services, we provide lateral development services. This includes production mining, drifting, and ramping incline and decline. In addition to performing all work from ground consolidation to load, haul, and dump cycles we offer engineering and detailed support for all facets of lateral development.

Shaft / Raise Benching

Benching is a mining technique used in vertical holes to widen the overall diameter, Moran Mining INC introduced their innovative benching techniques and safe work practice into North America 20 years ago, Our best for project philosophy and innovative solutions provided to our clients, has made Moran Mining USA  Inc. the premier contractor in vertical hole benching in the United States .

Mine Construction

At Moran Mining, we offer a full range of mine planning and construction services from conception and design, engineering and planning to a complete build and commissioning. Our planning team has decades of in mine experience, allowing us to create accurate and detailed schedules for construction and commissioning of facilities, and all the necessary planning associated with the safety and environmental aspects of operations.

Mine Rehabilitation

At Moran Mining, we offer a full range of mine rehabilitation services which include, dewatering, timbering, rebolting, replacing existing rails and ties, and refurbishing existing mine infrastructure. Our highly skilled workforce will safely rehabilitate your mine and have it back up and in production.

Alimak Training

As the industry leader in efficient Alimak services, Moran Mining provides complete Alimak training to mine personnel for a safe and effective hand-off. Our highly qualified team of training experts supports the safe operation, maintenance, and installation of all our Alimak equipment. Through our training, we are dedicated to promoting the highest standards of safety to all our clients.